Why Choose Integrity Staffing

The number one reason to choose Integrity Staffing is simple, Results! You have an open position and we can fill it. Our team of recruiters has a great track record of finding the right candidate for the right position. Recruitment is not about finding just anyone to send you. Recruitment is about finding the perfect match to join your staff. Your senior recruiter will work diligently, screening candidates for you and will send only candidates that meet your criteria.


Communication is the key to finding the best professional possible. If you have an open position, Integrity Staffing wants to fill it. You provide us with the information on what you are looking for in an ideal candidate and we will send you someone who not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

A Different Type of Recruiter

There are several types of staffing and recruiting agencies. Our team of recruiters are equipped with the extensive resources of other large staffing firms, what separates Integrity Staffing from the others is our dedication and devotion.The sheer fact that if your not happy, we’re not happy!

Our Guarantee

Integrity Staffing is confident that we can find the perfect match for the  placement of your open position. We take such great pride in our abilities and are confident that our candidates will meet your qualifications, that we offer a 60-day guarantee! If they don’t work out within 60 days, we will replace them with no additional fee.

Permanent Placement (&) Contract to Hire

It is the purpose of Integrity Staffing to serve our organizations with the utmost professionalism and produce the highest quality candidates; to not only meet but exceed their needs and expectations. All the while maintaining ethical standards of practice, excellence in client relations and superior service throughout. Integrity Staffing has a phenomenal track record of filling permanent positions, as well as your contract to hire. If you are in need of an employee to fill in for a temporary basis anywhere from a few days up to several months we can provide a temporary solution for you.

So Why Integrity Staffing?

Integrity Staffing knows what it takes to fill your open positions. Our team of recruiters has been highly trained in the practice of sourcing and screening candidates to meet your needs. We have an internal database of hundreds of applicants to pull from. As a general rule, we will have a candidate for you within 1-3 days. We take great pride in our ability to screen our applicants to find exactly what you are looking for.


Matching exceptional nursing and allied professionals with leading healthcare providers nationwide.


Dedicated to our staff. Committed to our clients. Staffing Only the Elite.



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